The Weekly Rush - An Explanation

Posted July 5, 2022

The Weekly Rush is a weekly puzzle conducted entirely online (digitally). It's a quick, cutthroat, winner-take-all format.

You receive nothing in the mail and there are no shipping charges.

When It Starts?

The Weekly Rush launches every Friday at 8:00 PM ET.

How to Enter?

You'll be able to purchase the upcoming Weekly Rush at least 48 hours before the game begins.

The current entry fee is $10 but is subject to change for future games.

How the Game Starts

At the same time (about 8:00 PM ET), instructions for the puzzle will be sent to each Hunter who purchased the game.

What if I'm Late?

You may enter the Weekly Rush any time from 48 hours prior to the start of the Rush through 2 hours before the end of the Rush. Once solved, the Rush also becomes unavailable for purchase.

How Much Can I Win?

The prize pool depends on the number of entries. The net entry fee (entry fee minus merchant processing charges of ~3%) for each Hunter is deposited directly into the prize pool (minus 10% for the house for putting on the game). TL;DR - It's 90% of the entry fees.

The real-time prize pool will be shown live on the game page at all times.

How Do You Win?

Where to enter your solution will either be provided to you in the instructions or derived as part of the puzzle.

The game ends when the first Hunter enters the correct answer in the correct format in the correct place.

What if No One Wins?

If the correct answer is not submitted by the time the next Weekly Rush begins, the entire prize pool for the prior week is automatically rolled into the new Weekly Rush.

Is It Difficult?

The expectation is that it can be solved within a few days of work (at most). However, puzzle-making is not an exact science. What I think is obvious may not be or vice versa, and it may get solved rather quickly!

What Are The Points?

As an additional element to keep our Hunters interested, each winner will be awarded points to be displayed/used in a manner befitting our puzzle champions at a later date.


Because of the nature of this game (and others), once you have purchased there can be no refunds permitted.

Chest inside of a sealed container

Q: How are the chests stored outside and don't rust?

Our chests are sealed inside water-tight containers.

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