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Updated May 24, 2022

Q: Why did we do this?

A: There was a pandemic. We were bored. We had some excess money. You know, pretty normal story.

Q: How many chests have been found?

A: Zero. To be fair, the game just began in June 2022.

Q: Is everything we need inside the box?

A: No. The clues start with the box but a clue could refer to something outside of the box.

Q: What skills do we need?

A: I wouldn't rule out anything, however, experience with a prior treasure hunt would be a plus.

Q: How are the chests stored outside and don't rust?

A: Our chests are sealed inside water-tight containers. The outside world is harsh on cheap metal jewelry cases. To help preserve these chests for as long as it'll take our hunters to find them all, we sealed them in plexiglass cases.

Q: Are these chests buried underground?

A: Nothing is "buried" in terms of you needing to dig. In some spots, chests are obscured by rocks. In other spots, the chests may be an inch underground, covered only with a thin layer of topsoil. Do not dig.

Q: How do we know you found a chest?

A: Inside each chest is a key with a brass coin attached. Each coin has a different codeword stamped into it. Send us a photo of the coin and we'll send you your money. It's that easy.

Q: Can you confirm if we have the correct location if we email you?

A: Unlike with The Secret, there is no guessing as to the locations in our treasure quest. Solving the riddles will resolve to actual spelled out locations. I.e. you won't need our confirmation to determine the city/location because the puzzles solve to actual names of places. Otherwise, of course we would confirm if you wanted to understand if you had the correct location. It's just not necessary!

Q: If we tell you the location we think the chest is at, can we receive part of the reward?

A: No. To receive the reward, you'll need to locate the actual chest and send us a picture of the contents. Finding the location (name of place) is half the battle. Places are big and finding a small chest in a big place can be challenging on its own!

Q: Is there an end date to the Hunt?

A: No. The Hunt is over once all chests have been uncovered and prize money awarded.

Q: How big are the chests?

A: The actual chests are small antique, ornate jewelry cases. They are housed in larger plexi-glass cases that are about 7"x5"x5" (approx.).

Closed chest in a random garden (not actual location)

Isn't there enough hidden treasure in the world?

Well, yes and no. While there is lots of hidden treasure out there, finding it can be complicated, dangerous, illegal, and you'll need to do a lot of either digging or diving.

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