Isn't there enough hidden treasure in the world?

Posted May 23, 2022

Well, yes and no. While there is lots of hidden treasure out there, finding it can be complicated, dangerous, illegal, and you'll need to do a lot of either digging or diving.

It's complicated

Like you, we're not afraid of hard. When there is hidden treasure, the clues are just too complicated. By that we mean you don't know which clues you can even trust.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone told you "this" thing is the clue and it's all you need. It'll be hard but it's all here. Yeah, that's what we thought also.

It's dangerous out there

The treasure that hasn't been found is usually in dangerous places. We're talking about underwater caves, in sunken galleons beside gnarly reefs, or in mountainsides. Um, no thank you 😨 I like finding treasure but I prefer it to be fun, not life-threatening.

Mostly illegal

If it's not buried on a protected island (Cocos Island), it's sunken in an off-limits lake (Lake Toplitz), or you'll end up giving most of it away to some government (Black Swan).

Don't be like Odyssey Marine. If you find our treasure, nobody else is coming to you for a piece of it (except the IRS).

Digging and diving

If you're like us, we love everything about the search for treasure, save for that pesky of issue of digging or diving. If it's digging, it's not going to be fun and probably require loads of equipment. If it's diving that's required, well...sharks 😱😱

If you've looking for our treasure, we promise you one thing: no sharks.

Chest inside of a sealed container

Q: How are the chests stored outside and don't rust?

Our chests are sealed inside water-tight containers.

Decent questions we know the answers to

The most frequent questions are usually asking for help solving the clues. We can't help you there but we can answer some other questions.